Viceworld - Heffy and $ike the Drug

On Friday September 28th Heffy and Sike the Drug teamed up for a 6 song EP called Viceworld. Every song on the tape contains a great deal of energy and catchy bars. The chemistry between Heffy and Sike is for me what makes the tape so good. The pair seamlessly combine styles making a 6 song masterpiece.
After meeting through a mutual friend the pair started making music the day they met. A few songs later and they decided to collab for a tape. Lucky for the listeners, Heffy and Sike didn’t just make six songs and put them out. After going over the project with Heffy and Sike they emphasized how they strictly hand selected tracks that were bangers. Setting the bar high for themselves led to a tape with absolutely no weak links.
Picking a favorite track is a tedious task, so for this months playlist we chose the 2 that stuck out the most: the pre-released single “Viceworld” and the track “rock.” Both of these tracks have pulse pounding beats as well as lyrics that are stunningly honest. Heffy and Sike said that the overall message of the tape was about the world they want to live in, and the sacrifices they would need to make in order to live in that world. “Rock” and “Viceworld” portrayed that message perfectly, showing no signs of fear and unbreakable drive to shake the industry.
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Article by Lee Grasemann

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