Shaundric Mann - A timestamp of Art

“Everything I’ve Created Is Like A Timestamp”

Starting out as a DJ in Chicago and now producing his own music, 23 year old Shaundric Mann is an artist and visionary at heart. Since middle school, Mann found himself freestyling and was heavily influenced by his church background. During the seventh grade, Mann’s creative juices began to flow as his primary interest of architecture transformed into constructing raps from the foundation up. Mann’s history teacher prompted Mann’s creativity by adopting both interests of architecture and song writing. Though an unconventional approach,  his message to his listeners is that “creative thought process comes a lot from life, sporadic [moments].” Rather than conforming to how songs are traditionally sculpted, Shaundic Mann has found himself testing the limits to new song conventions.


Mann’s personal experiences helped mold him into the artist and DJ he is today. Mann grew up on Chicago’s south side and found that the city gave him ample amounts of inspiration. “Everything I’ve created is like a timestamp” says Mann, who captivates his audience through his music, and further explains: “Chicago’s culture, it’s elements help you build tough skin”. His mother heavily encouraged his goals, in hopes that he’d pursue his goal of being an accomplished artist and giving back to those aspiring to do the same.

With strong female influences in his life such as his mother, Mann has made it his goal to write in a way that does not use derogatory language to target women. As Mann described, music has become more vulnerable, raw, and aimed to vibe with audiences , the use of explicit language is not an excuse to get a point across.

One of Mann’s talents is that he finds inspiration wherever he goes, and is mobile when seeking new ways to inhale his inspiration. Based on his experiences, “questions formed into lines” he says, and Shaundric got to writing his most prized song.

His song featuring Topher Grey ‘No Tips’ is a piece of art that Mann feels most connected to. Music, according to Mann, has been an outlet of self expression and a means to connect with others’ universal backgrounds. His goal is to shine light on current issues he faces as well as constructing beats that vibe with his message of persevering when you face challenges and to live a life that you can narrate to others through music.


In short, Mann’s goal is to introduce unconventional musical techniques in order to diversify his audience and to make his listeners happy.  Through diversity and connecting with people, Mann brings all of his energy on stage when performing because the assembly of people are what it's all about. Even when not knowing how his audience will respond, Mann connects with his audience by self motivation.

Like every performer, every show is different and every connection is wired differently through the people present. “Even if you don’t feel inspired by others like you're running on empty, if you give one hundred percent,  you’ll always [find a way]” says a friend of Mann’s.

That quote has inspired Mann during his toughest times on days he feels he is running on “E”. But pushing through to make those around you feel happy and inspired is all that Shaundric looks for when he performs.

As the modern rap and hip-hop culture have evolved, so has the language. Mann has been supported by his family, where he has made it apart of his goal as an artist to leave his listeners touched and inspired by his work without the use of vulgar and degrading language. Mann used his creative platform to show who he is as an artist and fellow Chicagoan, which he will take with  him as he continues to succeed in the music industry.

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