LyriQ the Misfit - A Chicago gem

“Everyone has their own sound…”


A Chicago Gem

Written by Coco Sharp

Photo by @brizzydanks

Leonardo Phillips, better known as LyriQ the Misfit, is a local rapper from the west side of Chicago.

At age 23, LyriQ has been rapping for nearly three years and debuting his music from small groups to large audiences including venues such as The Metro, SubTerranean, and Abbey Pub. LyriQ has lived in a myriad of areas in Illinois including the countryside, suburbs, and Chicago.

I asked LyriQ the Misfit how Chicago’s culture and specifically the area in which he grew up inspired his music; he responded “I don’t like to be stagnant”, by which his style of music alters based on his personal experiences. Specifically, “[focusing] on things going on in my life” sparks innovation and imagination, says LyriQ .

In high school, LyriQ the Misfit began to freestyle when he “stumbled upon music” and thus began his journey of recording in studios & performing on stage. LyriQ’s first song he ever recorded “Method Mans All I Need” was a freestyle where he “let his feelings take control”.

I later asked him about how he performs and what steps he takes to get in the proper mindset for performing. LyriQ responded with “it’s a vibe… free your emotions when performing in front of groups of people”. “Nothing goes as planned” LyriQ said, who’s creative process “creates vibes [to] beats [based] on what I feel”. Listeners can find LyriQ the Misfit’s songs to be unconventional, relatable, and lyrically heavy.

One thing I found to be most compelling about LyriQ is his perspective as an artist, saying “everyone has their own sound” and that he will continue to grow into his mold. Like classic Chicago artists such as Saba, Chance the Rapper, and Kanye West, LyriQ the Misfit is no doubt a unique sound that is bound to be heard by masses.

“I have [a ways] to go [and] I am attached to all of my music” says LyriQ.

LyriQ has announced a full length project to come shortly, titled “Sky Deep”. We can expect it to be fully recorded, mixed and mastered by LyriQ himself, who shared “I feel it will be a breakout project for me”. 

In the meantime, stream one of his latest singles  Martyr. 

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