Homecoming - Morocco Brown

I run the river, I run the risk. I come back home, you don’t exist”..

Chicago lyricist Morocco brown shares an intimate song of confliction and addiction. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to appreciate the MCs full length project Manic. “Homecoming” is a mellow showcase of emotion & the ability to express complex internal conflict through expert lyricism.

Morocco softly rhymes over sensational piano chords & drum pockets, sharing relatable issues of emotional, financial and social crisis between lovers, friends and family. “See I was feeling blue and now i’m all in the red, and I won’t take it from you.. Now i’m needin’ you, and you don’t need me for s**t”, Morocco shares in his first verse.

Be sure to check out the song in it’s entirety, and take a moment to appreciate the dying art of story telling rap.

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