Ginjah - OSA North

OSA North, a legendary Street Noise family member, shared with the world his new EP Ginjah. “Ginjah”, pronounced JIN-JAH, is a West African & West Indies term that represents confidence, integrity & power. Some call this swagger, others call it aura. Nonetheless, Ginjah lacks none of those.

Released under the “World” category on all streaming services, OSA unleashes his versatility with 4 Afrobeat tracks that are nothing less than global bops. Afro-beat debuted in the early 1960’s with cultural superstar & legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Afrobeat tracks incorporate West African inspired dance music using horns, keys & guitar and fuse it all together with Jazz & Funk which became popular in the ‘70s.

Since then, Afrobeat has spread far and wide and evolved as a few artists propell the art form into the modern market. OSA returns to his roots and delivers 4 colorful songs that are as catchy as they are critical.

“I’m not even interested in wetin’, you got to talk!”, OSA shares on “Soro”. OSA opens up his EP with an intimate message of love & impatience; a theme we can all relate to when our time and efforts aren’t taken seriously. “Not A Shaggy Story” is a summer classic with trademark OSA vocals that never fail to turn heads. OSA released the visual for “Not A Shaggy Story” earlier this summer that was absolutely sensational, and only solidified OSA as a frontrunner to hop on Northside Chicago’s Mount Rushmore. If you aren’t sure yet, Ginjah’s last track Melody certainly speaks for itself. The tasteful work of producer WANI coupled with OSAs bars & vocal brilliance close out Ginjah with a satisfyingly overwhelming dose of ethnic swagger that has feet and heads bobbing all over Chicago’s redline.

“I feel as though I have a duty [to create afro-beat music]”, OSA shared as we dissected the project in a Rogers Park Cafe. Surely, the North side superstar is showing us just how far he’s capable of reaching into the hearts of not only his fans, but his cultural roots as a whole.

As if OSA hasn’t been making enough moves for one year, he recently dropped his clothing apparel & merch. The release of his merch & Ginjah is a deadly one-two punch as OSA prepares to head into 2019 with the throttle to the floor.

Article by Alexander Garrett

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