Bonnie & Clyde - Austin Fillmore & Afro Kitty Jones

Bonnie & Clyde EP as deadly as the tales of old

Just under a month ago, two of Chicago’s most versatile artists dropped a joint project titled Bonnie & Clyde. Singer/songwriters Afro Kitty Jones and Austin Fillmore teamed up for a 2 song EP that is as melodic as it is tasteful. Both Afro Kitty and Austin have recently dropped solo projects, which were practically a textbook pick-and-roll leading to the thunderous dunk that is Bonnie & Clyde.

If you’re like 98 percent of the population, you’ve probably heard the names Bonnie and Clyde but never really knew what they were attributed to. One of the FBI’s most infamous cross country hunts, Clyde Barrow and his companion Bonnie Parker, wrecked havoc and left a bloody trail from Louisiana to as far west as Texas. After a series of car thefts and murders, Bonnie and Clyde soon became the stuff of legend when it comes to deadly duos.

Interestingly, Afro Kitty had the concept for Bonnie & Clyde almost a year prior to the final recording process, and lacked a feature. Afro Kitty dropped her debut project Supa X the same week as Austin Fillmore dropped his long awaited Tlfm, Vol. 1. Afro Kitty attended Austin’s album release party, where she approached the rising Chicago Pop star and finessed a collab. The rest is history.

The EP opens up with the track “Without You” which is produced by Chicago natives Linus and Kai Hightower of 406. “Can’t find myself, I feel lost without you”, Austin croons as Afro Kitty echoes in the background. The call and response nature of certain segments within the track mimic the back-and-forth moments of moving on from someone that can be as blissful as it is painful. Both artists wrote “Without You” in the booth and finished the record in the same evening.

If “Without You” was the rocky road the two characters encountered on their dangerous cross country journey, “Bonnie & Clyde” is the classic ride off into the sunset. Kitty leads the way with seamless vocals, layered over classic Linus drum pockets and melodic brilliance. It is on this track that Afro Kitty shows the world just how dangerously unique her sound is coupled with an artist as well rounded as Austin Fillmore. The city of Chicago and beyond need not wait much longer to see Afro Kitty’s name plastered across venue billboards and event flyers far and wide.

With a creative dose of alcoholic elixirs and hot chips, Austin Fillmore and Afro Kitty Jones painted a colorful canvas of unconditional love, loss and self evaluation while flawlessly paying homage to the tale of old. Surely, a successful relationship is never a picnic in the park, and both parties must kill off the loose baggage.

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