Bittersweet the Mixtape OUT NOW!

This past Monday, Chicago’s very own, WemmyMo, dropped his long awaited mixtape, Bittersweet. Ever since I’ve been following Wemmy and been a fan of his music, he has been talking about this tape.

Bittersweet the mixtape is a musical embodiment of all that Wemmy has learned and seen over the past few years. Over the course of his high school experience in the city of Chicago, Wemmy has written down his thoughts, experiences, and challenges. The result is an amazing eleven-song project that fits every mood and consists of beautiful moments that provide the listener with gripping insight into the Chicago artist’s life.

Throughout the tracks on this tape, the listener finds themself relating to the moods, thoughts, and ideas expressed by WemmyMo, but as much as I’d love to tell you about it, you can only get the full experience by listening to it yourself. Linked below!

Street Noise