Iggyboyslash - When TF You Finna Drop?

“The sh*t that we all go through and never say out loud…”

Dark. Cold. Lonely.. yet incredibly insightful. The work of Iggyboyslash is unlike anything on the market, much less the streets of Chicago. However, change is always upon us, and Slash is one of the pioneers leading the charge.

When TF You Finna Drop? is the long awaited debut project by Iggyboyslash, or Slash for short. The mysterious Chicago MC has led in a new wave of Hip/hop, inspired by the OGs of multiple genres. While Slash rhymes in a low voiced, borderline callous tone, his songs usher in insightful views on life as a Chicago teenager that make his tracks louder than life.

“Every time I try, I get no reply… God ain’t on my side”, raps Slash on the first track, titled ‘Something Wrong’. Slash, in a beautifully dark manner, paints pictures of frustration we can all relate to in trying times. But somehow, his confident delivery and hard hitting beats elude to the idea of a triumph, regardless of certain circumstances. It’s as if Slash’s artistry is one big call to action… keep going!

‘3rd Times The Charm’ is the third track on the project, and introduced a new tone to the project. A lot more colorful, Slash melodically tells tales of lessons learned. The contrast between his vocal style and the colorful melody is yet another motif in the metaphor-packed project, perhaps a symbol of maintaining hope at all costs.

To close out the project, Slash is joined by rising Chicago MC Dutcho! and the brand new CozyBoyNosey. At one of Dutcho!’s studio sessions, Slash played ‘Russian Cream’ to kill some down time. Slash already had his verse set, but Nosey quickly hopped on and laid down the catchy hook. The combination of Slash and Nosey set the tone for the dark banger, as Dutcho! would go on to finish the alley-oop.

When asked about his inspirations, Slash revealed some very influential artists who forever changed the way we make, listen and dissect our music. Young Thug, The Weeknd and Travis Scott are all known and worshipped for their revolutionary work as pioneers in their respected genres. Most notably for Slash: The Weeknd and his ability to paint some of our darkest and most vulnerable moments with an angelic voice; the contrast allowing his words and imagery to pierce further than many artists before him.

“He was so real and uncensored, that’s how I want to approach my music… the sh*t that we all go through and never say out loud”, Slash shared over a very insightful phone conversation.

Slash and his group of talented friends have no plans on slowing down in 2019, and are determined to lead the next revolution in musical production and song writing. Slash has announced he has a catalog of unreleased visuals he plans to share in due time.

Check out When TF You Finna Drop? below and stay updated with new releases from Iggyboyslash.

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