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Artist of the Month: IMY NOah

 Photo by @hippiegrant

Photo by @hippiegrant


The Street Noise Artist of the Month for August is West Side native IMY Noah. Noah spent most of his childhood moving around the city of Chicago from school to school. He primarily lived on the West Side with his mom--a Chicago Public Schools teacher--but spent weekends with his dad on the South Side. Once Noah got to high school, his mom decided it would be best for him to live with his grandparents in the burbs, in order to avoid the CPS system. 

After high school, Noah came back to the city to study music business and sound engineering at Columbia College. Since then, Noah has been doing what he does best--developing his sound and creating music. He plans on dropping a full length album by the end of the summer, and he says the sound will be nothing like his previous work. With major influences from artists like Kurt Cobain and Slash, I am definitely eager to hear this upcoming project.

IMY Noah performed at Street Noise Summer Camp on July 27th, and will also have a visual out soon for “Ya Self” directed by Street Noise’s very own, Jason Yaccino. Be sure to check Noah out on social media and SoundCloud, after all it is #IMYSZN.



Article by Lee Grasemann